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Interactive Storytelling

We all know that content is king and video wears the crown. Engaging in memorable media is a must for today’s striving brand. The challenge is that most video content is pretty much the same old, same old. To change the playing field, we at Blackwater Branding are proud to introduce interactive storytelling for promoting your brand’s needs. Imagine engaging with an interactive video that allows each consumer to go on their own journey while consuming customize content. 

Ready to test drive the experience? Try our interactive demo below!

” Imagine sharing your brand’s story through an interactive format that’s designed to bring you more leads, sales, traffic! “

Showing your supporters that they are more than a number will always help your brand no matter what direction you go. An example of this would be the creation of engaging/call-to-action content. Share a photo montage showing how you are handling this period of self-isolation. You can make it as funny or as serious as your brand allows. If you have a small team, try collectively telling customers that, “We miss you, and we’ll see you soon.” Your honesty and creativity will keep them coming back for more. Just make sure that the end result is informative, positive and memorable.

Do not fear change
As you pivot, remember that there are many great brands that have changed their strategy mid-journey. FaceSmash was a site comparable to HotOrNot.com—it later became the juggernaut know as Facebook. Sony once focused on small home appliances such as rice cookers and electric blankets—after pivoting, they became a masterful brand of electronics and today have their hands in cameras, video games, computer monitors, and even TV/entertainment.

I urge every brand to take up the mantra of #DontPanicPivot and let’s make the second half of this year a beautiful Cinderella story.


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