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Allison Moore Comedy

Comedy Beyond Boarders
Bringing Jokes from the Stage to your Inbox

Comedian Allison Moore wanted her brand to reach beyond the borders of traditional comedians. Our task was focused on the following:
• Expand her brand’s reach to a corporate market
• Allow fans to follow & attend her on stage performances
• Communicate directly to her fanbase and grow it.


About our Client:
Allison Moore is absolutely the up-and-coming comedian to watch out for! Affectionately known by her hometown as: Virginia’s Comedienne, she has shared a stage with Martin Lawrence, Sinbad and J. Anthony Brown to name a few heavy hitters ! Her popularity is growing fast because of her exceptional mainstream talent combined with her secret weapon… her act resonates with any audience AND it’s clean!

Blackwater Branding’s Challenges:
Allison Moore is a powerhouse. Before meeting with us at Blackwater Branding Allison had a clear vision for what she wanted her brand to be. She understood the corporate audience she wanted to reach, and how she wanted to communicate to her fans. The  challenge was being able to bring all the components of her brand together in a structured manner that did not come across as a hodgepodge of services. The next challenge was having clean and clear and professional communication between her and her clients while maintaining the funny and down to earth rapport that her fans know and love.

Our Solution:
By creating a comprehensive website to serve both audiences, Allison was able to serve both her corporate clients and her comedy fans! Clients can book Allison directly from the website, hear examples of her workshops and discover how she can bring comedic caffeine to energize any conference. Allison Moore is known as “your conference’s cup of coffee.”For fans of her comedy, an upcoming event calendar, the ability to purchase tickets online, and the ability to join the Moore Laughing mailing list gave Allison the platform she needed to be able to connect to her fans beyond the framework of social media.

We also worked on ensuring that her brand was cohesive on all points: Website, Social Media, and Newsletter

In the following weeks after implementing these strategies, Allison’s booking inquiries went up by 60%. She continued to grow her mailing list by 30% and was able to expand beyond a traditional stand up comedy structure. She has established herself in the comedic marketplace as a former HR professional and entrepreneur which enables her to reach new audiences.

During the Covid-19 pandemic all of Allison’s appearances and performances were cancelled. She was able to pivot immediately by selling an episodic collection of short stories in the form of an ebook on her website called the Coronacation Series. She used her social media presence and her mailing list to drive her fans to her website for ebook purchases. This allowed her to generate a passive income during the national economic shut down.

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